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Gold Star companies

These are companies that are playing by the rules and have acquired intellectual properties, which is helping to grow the economy by creating jobs and stimulating small business growth. They are conducting themselves with integrity and respect.

1. Alarm Force

2. Live Watch

3. August

4. Chamberlain

5. CPI

6. Ring

7. Bird Home Automation

8. Heathco

9. Revolutionary Concepts, Inc.


Wall of shame

There are hundreds of companies that are possibly infringing on intellectual properties, including manufacturers, retailers, monitoring companies, independent dealers, and banks suspected of supporting patent violations by financing and empowering the willful theft of intellectual property. Out of the myriad probable thieves, here are a handful of the most egregious violators:

1. SimpliSafe

2. Vivent

3. Secure Net

4. Securities Partners

5. Brinks

6. Gate

7. Digital Monitoring Products

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