Have you ever been the victim of theft?


Have you ever been the victim of theft? Maybe it was a pickpocket who stole your wallet or maybe it was a burglar who came into your home and stole your TV set. It is awful to have something you worked to purchase stolen from you. But imagine having your life’s work stolen from you by someone who, in turn, sells it as their own AND refuses to compensate you. That’s exactly what Intellectual Property theft is and it’s why it’s such a heinous offense. Unfortunately perpetrators of these offenses are rarely held accountable for their actions.

Particularly in the Tech Industry, it is commonplace for larger firms to steal technology from smaller firms, particularly minority-owned businesses.  Small Businesses are the engine of America’s economy and are responsible for almost 2/3rds of all new jobs created. Yet, when large businesses steal from small businesses, ordinary workers and business owners lose their livelihoods.

This practice must end.

We demand that companies PAY for the IP that they use.

We are holding them accountable.


Photo by D-Keine/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by D-Keine/iStock / Getty Images


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